Mey, W, Wichard, Wilfried, Ross, Emma and Ross, Andrew (2018) On the systematic position of a highly derived amphiesmenopteran insect from Burmese amber (Insecta, Amphiesmenoptera). Earth and Environmental Science Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. ISSN 1755-6910

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A small fossil insect with scales on the wings and body was identified as a representative of Aphiesmenoptera from Burmese amber. The species is introduced here as Tarachocelis microlepidopterella (†). The insect is described in detail, and photos and line drawings are provided for wing venation, head, mouthparts, scales, legs and abdomen. All characters shared with primitive Lepidoptera and Trichoptera are symplesiomorphies or groundplan traits of Amphiesmenoptera. In addition, the Burmese fossil has a number of remarkable autapomorphies, giving it an appearance that deviates clearly from known families of Lepidoptera and Trichoptera. The species, representing a family of its own, Tarachocelidae, is considered a separate and unique taxon in the stem-group of Amphiesmenoptera and is provisionally placed as Amphiesmenoptera incertae sedis.*

*NB: See Note Added in Proof (Section 4).

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Cretaceous; Lepidoptera; microlepidopterella; phylogeny; stem-group Tarachocelidae Tarachocelis taxonomy Trichoptera Pholadidae Teredolites
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