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Book Section

Cowie, Trevor (Research Associate) (2016) ‘Thanks to you the best has been made of a bad job’: Vere Gordon Childe and the Bronze Age cairn at Ri Cruin, Kilmartin, Argyll & Bute. In: Ancient lives: object, people and place in Early Scotland. Essays for David V Clarke on his 70th birthday. Sidestone Press, Leiden, Netherlands, pp. 111-126. ISBN 9789088903755

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Conference or Workshop Item

Cowie, Trevor (2010) Coles's Covesea phase revisited: networks of contact in the Late Bronze Age of North-East Scotland. In: A Lad O'Pairts: A Day Conference in Memory of Ian Shepherd to Celebrate the wide contribution he made to Scottish Archaeology, 11 December 2010, Kings College Conference Centre, Aberdeen University.

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