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Senn, Helen, Ghazali, Muhammad, Kaden, Jennifer, Barclay, David, Harrower, Ben, Campbell, R D, Macdonald, David W and Kitchener, Andrew C (2018) Distinguishing the victim from the threat: SNP‐based methods reveal the extent of introgressive hybridization between wildcats and domestic cats in Scotland and inform future in situ and ex situ management options for species restoration. Evolutionary applications. ISSN 1752-4571

Johnson, P J, Noonan, M J, Kitchener, Andrew C, Harrington, L A, Newman, C and Macdonald, David W (2017) Rensching cats and dogs: feeding ecology and fecundity trends explain variation in the allometry of sexual size dimorphism. Royal Society Open Science. ISSN 2054-5703

Noonan, M J, Johnson, Paul J, Kitchener, Andrew C, Harrington, L A, Newman, C and Macdonald, David W (2016) Sexual size dimorphism in musteloids: An anomalous allometric pattern is explained by feeding ecology. Ecology and Evolution, 6. pp. 8495-8501. ISSN 2045-7758

Kilshaw, Kerry, Montgomery, Robert A, Campbell, R D, Hetherington, David A, Johnson, Paul J, Kitchener, Andrew C, Macdonald, David W and Millspaugh, Joshua J (2015) Mapping the spatial configuration of hybridization risk for an endangered population of the European wildcat (Felis silvestris silvestris) in Scotland. Mammal Research, 61 (1). pp. 1-11. ISSN 2199-241X

Kilshaw, Kerry, Johnson, Paul J, Kitchener, Andrew C and Macdonald, David W (2014) Detecting the elusive Scottish wildcat Felis silvestris silvestris using camera trapping. Oryx, available on CJO2014.. ISSN 1365-3008 (eISSN)

Yamaguchi, Nobuyuki, Driscoll , Carlos A, Werdelin, Lars, Abramov, Alexei V, Csorba, Gabor, Cuisin, Jacques, Fernholm, Bo, Hiermeier, Michael, Hills, Daphne, Hunter, Luke, Itakura, Hiroyuki, Johansson, Ulf S, Kascheev, Vitaliy, Krohmann, Katrin, Martin, Thomas, Nowak-Kemp, Malgosia, Pavlinov, Igor Ya., Renoud, Francis, Tomsett, Louise, van der Mije , Steven, Zholnerovskaya, Elena, Groves, Colin, Kitchener, Andrew C, Nijman, Vincent and Macdonald, David W (2013) Locating specimens of extinct tiger (Panthera tigris) subspecies: Javan tiger (P.t. sondaica), Balinese tiger (P.t. balica), and Caspian tiger (P.t. virgata), including previously unpublished specimens. Mammal Study, 38 (3). pp. 187-198. ISSN 1348-6160

Yamaguchi, Nobuyuki , Kitchener, Andrew C, Gilissen, E and Macdonald, David W (2009) Brain size of the lion (Panthera leo) and the tiger (P-tigris): implications for intrageneric phylogeny, intraspecific differences and the effects of captivity. Biological Journal Of The Linnean Society, 98 (1). pp. 85-93. ISSN 0024-4066

Kitchener, Andrew C, Yamaguchi, Nobuyuki , Driscoll, Carlos A and Macdonald, David W (2009) Divided infraorbital foramen in the lion (Panthera leo):its implications for colonisation history, population bottlenecks, and conservation of the Asian lion (P. l. persica). Contributions to Zoology, 78 (2). pp. 77-83. ISSN 1875-9866

Driscoll, C A, Menotti-Raymond, M, Roca, A L, Hupe, K, Johnson, W E, Geffen, E, Harley, E H, Delibes, M, Pontier, D, Kitchener, Andrew C, Yamaguchi, Nobuyuki , O'Brien, S J and Macdonald, David W (2007) The Near Eastern origin of cat domestication. Science, 317 (5837). pp. 519-523. ISSN 1095-9203

Book Section

Macdonald, David W and Kitchener, Andrew C (2008) Feral cat Felis catus. In: Mammals of the British Isles Handbook, 4th edition. The Mammal Society, Southampton, pp. 393-397. ISBN 0906282659


Kitchener, Andrew C, Kilshaw, Kerry, Macdonald, David W and Drake, A (2010) The Scottish Wildcat: a comparison of genetic and pelage characteristics. Scottish Natural Heritage Commissioned Report No.356. Technical Report. Scottish Natural Heritage.

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