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Saville, Alan (Research Associate) (2015) A Neolithic carved stone ball from Scotland, acquired by Sir John Lubbock (Lord Avebury), with comments on the Scottish connections of Lubbock and his collection. The Antiquaries journal, 95. pp. 1-20. ISSN 0003-5815

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Book Section

Saville, Alan (Research Associate) (2016) Mary Boyle (1881-1974): the Abbé Breuil’s faithful fellow-worker. In: Ancient lives: object, people and place in early Scotland. Essays for David V Clarke on his 70th birthday. Sidestone Press, Leiden, Netherlands, pp. 127-150. ISBN 9789088903755

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Saville, Alan (2006) Flint technology associated with extraction sites in north-east Scotland. In: Stone Age – Mining Age. Der Anschnitt, Beiheft (19). Deutsches Bergbau-Museum, Bochum, Deutsche, pp. 449-454. ISBN 978-3-937203-27-0

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Saville, Alan (2004) The material culture of Mesolithic Scotland. In: Mesolithic Scotland and its neighbours. Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Edinburgh, pp. 185-220. ISBN 9780903903288

Conference or Workshop Item

Saville, Alan (2011) Neolithic lithic studies: what do we know, what do we want to know ? In, Flint and stone in the Neolithic period. Neolithic study group seminar papers, 11. In: Neolithic studies group seminar.

Saville, Alan (2010) 'In Search of Our Ancestors': the Mary Boyle Story. In: Ancient Lives: object, people and place in prehistoric and early historic Scotland, 5 June 2010, University of Edinburgh. (Unpublished)


Saville, Alan, Hardy, Karen (Research Associate), Miket, Roger (Research Associate) and Ballin, Torben Bjarke (Research Associate) (2012) An Corran, Staffin, Skye: a rockshelter with Mesolithic and later occupation. Scottish Archaeological Internet Report (51). Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Historic Scotland and Council for British Archaeology, Edinburgh. ISBN 9781908332998

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